Andile Gaelesiwe on Nico Matlala and Lebo’s relationship

Andile believes that the Nico and Lebo relationship is very toxic. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Andile Gaelesiwe  | Drama

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For weeks, Nico Matlala and Lebohang Mabe’s relationship has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons as Nico posted videos of their relationship's highs and lows. 

During Andile's interview on Trending SA, the Khumbul’ekhaya presenter said that Lebo should not even consider going back in that relationship after their recent altercation that led to the police getting involved.

Andile Gaelesiwe spoke about her concerns in relation to Nico and Lebo's relationship. Andile believes that Nico might end up killing Lebohang and that she should stay away from the man.

“It’s this Nico who's gonna end up killing this girl, as women we need to take responsibility. I’m not gonna judge her for leaving that guy (stylist by the name of Shaun) and going there but where you are now, she should not go back there, because if you do go back there, only the worst can happen.” Andile said.

She then went on to add that she cannot act as if she does not see these things happening and keep quite about them

“...and for me it’s...not in my name will another women, a child...get raped or get beat up while I live in this country, work in this country and I’m here as if [I don't see anything]” she added.

And it seems that she is not the only one trying to reach out to Lebohang during such a difficult time. An alleged ex of Nico recently reached out to Lebohang on Instagram, saying that she too had been labeled a gold digger whilst dating Nico and went on to encourage her to keep her head up and that she too has gone through the same situation that she is going through.

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Lebohang Mabe instagram post
Lebohang Mabe instagram post

Domestic violence and rape should never be justified and we here at ZAlebs, stand by all women who boldy speak against it.

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