Andile Gaelisiwe on why she exposed her rapist/father on Twitter

Andile opens up more about the shocking revelation of her father/rapist.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Andile Gaelesiwe  | Drama


What started off as a beautiful story of a young lady who finally found her long-last father, ended up being a traumatic story from the past.


After revealing on Twitter that the man above was not only her father but her rapist as well. Andile has gone to receive a tremendous amount of support and empathy from the public. 

Andile has revealed that the reason she's come out about this story is so that other women can get the healing and justice they deserve. And that women who want to now come forward about their sexual assaults after so long are not crazy.

"We've seen mixed emotions when people have come out, especially on Twitter and the one question that always puzzles me is when someone says 'Why did you wait so long?' And I tell them to wear my shoes and live my life and maybe you'll get a glimpse of why it would take everything that I am to say this. Something so personal, so traumatic, so horrific. I thought I got over it until I saw his picture."


Andile went on to reveal that Philemon and Andile's mom never got married, they only dated when her mother was a model and he a musician. Her mother then fell pregnant with Andile but Philemon was by then an absent father. Andile had reached out to her father and wanted to get to know him better, little did she know that the day she first met him would be the day he raped her. 

Andile was brave enough to share that traumatic experience on radio as well.

"That Friday night at his house, watching TV, laughing at something that was on TV, he was sitting on the bed, he had made a bed for me on the floor...and then he asked me to come thing he was tickling me...I was thing I know he's on top of thing I know he's now being violent and removing my clothes and proceeded to rape me."

Andile also revealed that a few days after the ordeal she called Philemon to ask him why he had raped her and she says he then said she should not ask him why he did that and proceeded to ask her why she wasn't a virgin. Andile remembers how shocked she was to his question as she had not been with a man before.

Andile has mentioned that South Africa needs to see the damage that rape culture is causing to its children, women, and men and for rapists to take on full responsibility for their actions. She would also like to encourage countless women who have gone through this traumatic experience to not suffer in silence.

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