Anything For A Bag

ZAlebs endorsement deals that don't add up.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

Celebrities, like the rest of us, love stuff. Especially free stuff that they get paid to use. And they don't just get paid a little bit -- they get paid a LOT. Why? Because advertisers want we mere mortals to see them using their products and have you go out and buy them. These endorsement amounts are growing as more and more celebrities connect with their followers on social media. Some ZAlebs have reportedly been getting up to R100 000 per instagram post. 

But what a lot of celebrities and advertisers forget in the pursuit of the bag is that your endorsement needs to make sense. 

See, fans know a bit too much about their faves. If the partnership between the fave's personal brands and the brand their endorsing doesn't match up with what their followers already know about them then... it starts raising some eyebrows.

Khanyi Mbau for Fit Tea

source: instagram/@mbaureloaded

Remember when this was like every "IT" girl on instagram's dream endorsement? Well, back in 2016, starlets like Khanyi Mbau thought it was a great way to make some extra money. But her fans - who were already wise to Khanyi's love for plastic surgery - were not about to buy it. Fast forward to now and all posts have been deleted so... Guess they were right?

 Maps Maponyane for Investec

The sexy heartthrob confused both fans and haters alike when he announced this deal.
Maps is Investec's brand ambassador. This deal came into fruition after Maps starred in an Investec video specifically targeting young professionals. Nobody seemed to understand why someone known solely for his beauty would be the face of a brand that provides specialist banking, investment and Asset Management services.

But, as it turns out, their aim with this campaign was to lighten up the conversation and make it easier to understand. What better way to get us interested in learning than by using a petty face like Maps'?

Bonang for Courvoisier 

The Queen B* herself is not new to brands paying fat amounts of money to be associated with her brand. People already know this and is part of the reason her fans love her. But there's one endorsement deal that leaves fans a bit puzzled...

source: GabPostSA

A premium brand for a premium moghel, yes, but the issue comes in with fans saying they mainly associate her with drinking champagne.

Guess the queen keeps the hard liquor under her bed, away from the reality show cameras and her instagram? I mean we all have secret pleasures.

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Main image credit: instagram/@mbaureloaded