Are Nyan’Nyan and Utatakho exposing women as serial cheats?

Are women the original serial cheaters of this world? Nyan'Nyan and Utatakho might be suggesting so.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

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Cheating in a relationship is almost always associated with the man, but shows like Nyan’Nyan and Utatakho are showing us otherwise.

For the past couple of weeks, episodes of Utatakho and Nyan’Nyan have had us questioning whether it is truly men who are the serial cheats in relationships, or are we pointing fingers to the wrong sex?

Exhibit A:

On Utatakho we had Mr Mbatha and Mr Ndwandwe, two alleged fathers who were desperate in getting to the bottom of the truth behind who exactly the biological father of the young woman who goes by the name of Thembeka is.

Mr Ndwandwe, who was originally considered as the biological father, sadly found out that he was not the father. He was also the man who supported Thembeka financially.

At the end of the episode, both men concluded that they were indeed played by Thembeka’s late mother, who had initially lied to both men when she told them both, separately, that they were the biological fathers.

Mr Mbatha even concluded by saying that women have a lot of damning secrets that they keep from their partners.

There are a number of Tweeps that have also recognised women as serial cheats in the show too.

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NyanNyan and Utatakho expose women as serial cheats

Exhibit B:

Then there was Tuesday night’s episode of Nyan’Nyan. Yet another woman (Mpume) was targeted as a serial cheater. Her situation was really sensitive though as her man Sphelele physically and emotionally abused her.

Yet people still saw her as a serial cheater.

So are women the biggest serial cheaters in comparison to their male counterparts?

Shows like Utatakho and Nyan'Nyan suggest so.

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