Ayanda Borotho claps back at the "weight police"

She has a few choice words for all those obsessed about other people's weight.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Ayanda Borotho  | Drama


As Spring and Summer are around the corner, Summer bodies will be in full effect with people showing off the fruits of their labour from all the winter gym activities that they've been working hard at.

But for some of us, having a Summer body isn't exactly a goal and sadly, our lack of interest in having a Summer body has lead to a lot of unwanted comments from the weight police and frankly just like Ayanda we're tired of the snarky comments about how much weight some of us have gained over the Winter period.

The Isibaya actress recently addressed this matter in a recent post, urging people to just mind their own weight and reserve their comments for themselves.

"Winter is over, now we have to suffer from the annoying comments made by the 'winter police' that have been appointed by our government. Black people, please help us, this thing of us meeting up and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is how much I've gained weight, haaibo! how? 

You're speaking about my weight gain as though it's a revelation to me. If it's a revelation to you, it's fine, keep it to yourself but it's not a revelation to me. You must remember that this body is with me all the time, this is my body, I can't just put it away in the cupboard for a month and then take it back later and become surprised that I've gained weight."

Check out what she has to say below. (swipe left for more)

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AyandaBorotho