Ayanda Borotho on the wife material facade

Ayanda really knows how to give it to us straight & raw

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Ayanda Borotho  | Drama

If there's one entertainer you can rely on to keep it all the way 100 with you, when it comes to any subject matter, it's this lady right here.

Ayanda Borotho is not one to sugar-coat anything, especially if she feels passionate about the topic at hand.

The Isibaya actress recently touched on the wife-material topic which has been discussed many times on various public platforms.
The actress gave her honest opinion about how ladies need to stop molding themselves into this "wife material" facade just to please society and the potential husband's they're wanting to settle and build a new life with.

"One of the biggest mistakes we make as women is to wear the wife material facade when we are seeking to settle down. We mold ourselves into a society box that defines what a "wife material" woman is. Then he marries the wife you present before him," she said

Ayanda explained that such false imagery misleads your husband into marrying a woman you are not, this then snowballs into many problems that you and your spouse experience down the line in your marriage.

"...So you capture the man only to find you can't sustain the act and you want to be yourself. He's mad because his wife is changing, you're mad because he wants to control you or make you into something you're not when the truth is he wants the wife you presented but it was never you in the first place. He married the facade."

The actress further mentioned that there are far too many women on earth for every husband to have the same type of wife. So, with Ayanda's caution ladies, remember to stay true to who you are, by doing so, you will always attract the right type of husband that will compliment your characteristics as well.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AyandaBorotho