Ayanda Thabethe not just a pretty face

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Ayanda Thabethe  | Drama

You’ve probably seen her on one or two TV adverts whilst hopping channels and most probably spotted her at the hottest events the South African entertainment world has to offer. The beautiful lady that is Ayanda Thabethe paid the ZAlebs team a visit recently in what we’d consider a very informative Q&A.

In our interview, Ayanda spoke on how women can be belittled in the corporate world purely because of their beauty, and how she wants to be involved in acting projects that not only represent beauty, but power and intelligence too.

“The way my life is structured is that I model but I’m also in business and so many people will undermine you in the business world for being a model. So I think I love stories that represent beauty but also power and stories that represent intelligence. If I could play a role where my beauty is celebrated but also seen as intelligent and strong, I love those roles." Ayanda said.

For the full interview, make sure you listen to our podcast below.