Babalwa Mneno Defends Burna Boy

'A united Africa will be a serious threat to the whole world.'

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Babalwa Mneno  | Drama

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The Africans Unite Concert is an event that should aim to live up to it's name: "unify all Africans and speak out against femicide”. But this year's concert has already caused so much division and artists are at the forefront of this whole division.

The line-up is what caused the internet to go up in flames when they saw Burna Boy as one of the headline acts. Things escalated to a point where artists are now saying they will be boycotting the event. The concert is scheduled to take place this weekend despite calls for it to be cancelled or for Burna taken out of the line-up.

Many celebrities added their opinions on the matter, and the most recent is socialite Babalwa Mneno who called out South Africans for their xenophobic tendencies.

She defended Burna Boy when he was requested 'to apologise and keep it moving' by former department of home affairs spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete. Babalwa had a few things to say, not only to those who demand an apology from Burna, but to majority of South Africans as well.

Tshwete wrote, "Burna Boy out here acting like he is Thomas Sankara....its not that serious. You spoke nonsense about a country that showed you love...apologize and keep it moving," to which Babalwa replied.

She then engaged in a debate with her followers and added that white people never apologised for stealing the land and economy. She also suggested that an apology would not change anything.

In a bid to try and defend Burna's actions, she wrote, "now the whole country is up in arms over an apology which whether it came or not won’t change what happened... if I read that my people are being slaughtered & burnt, trust me verifying the post will the last thing on my mind."

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