Moja Love to Air Babes & Mampintsha's Docu-Series

The controversial couple is debuting a 3-part series this week

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Babes Wodumo  | Drama

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Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha are debuting their three part docu-series this week called, Impilo on Moja Love.

The controversial on-off-on lovers have started 2020 on another hectic note.  Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha are set to air Impilo, a three-part docu-series on Moja Love this week and people are already skeptical about what to expect.

So far, from the trailers and unseen footage that we have come across, there's enough of a reason to be side-eying the couple and fans area far from convinced. Already, in one scene (raw footage, seen by City Press), an emotional Mampintsha cries while being interviewed by Jub Jub

Mampintsha can be heard describing how when he met Babes she was a "nobody" before boasting about how much money he invested to make her what she is today. He was quoted as saying:

I invested at least R3 million. Ukugeza umuntu kuyabiza (To clean someone up is expensive).

In another scene, a seemingly intoxicated Babes is seen hitting Mampintsha several times and throwing a drink at him. She even hits Jub Jub when he intervenes to try and make peace between the two. The altercation begins after Mampintsha refuses to give Babes her bank card.

Maybe it isn't all that bad, and perhaps people are judging the couple too soon. But, let's face it, the couple has had a bad rep ever since Babes released an Instagram live video of Mampintsha hitting her.

And from what we have seen and heard through previews and sneak peaks, this docu-series doesn't seem like it's going to help clean up their image or make the public change their minds about the couple.

Since the trailer dropped online, the likes of Lasizwe have been tweeting about Babes Wodumo's fall from stardom.

The Twitter streets responded to Lasiwe's tweet with mixed opinions on the upcoming show and whether they will tuning in for the show's debut this week.

Will you tune in to Babes Wodumo's hit show on Moja Love?

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