Is Mampintsha To Blame?

Or should we just drink our water?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Babes Wodumo  | Drama

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For the 100th time, Mampintsha is trending on Twitter and he's the subject of a hot debate: is he to blame for Babes Wodumo's "Downfall"?

We haven't even reached the first weekend of 2020 yet and we're already talking about Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha. The on-and-off lovers found themselves trending on the 1st of January after Babes Wodumo failed to show up to a number of shows she was meant to perform at on New Year's Eve. There was no communication and unfortunately, this incident is just the latest blemish on Babes' fading career and her fans are blaming Mampintsha.

Not only has the West Ink boss been dating Babes Wodumo since she was a teenager, but he's had a key role in her rise (and ultimately her fall) in local music. He has attached himself at her hip and refused to loosen his hold on her despite their numerous breakups. Now, with her stock at the lowest its been in years, fans are convinced that he is the one to blame for her misfortunes.

The argument has some weight, too. Mampintsha and Babes' toxic relationship made plenty of headlines in 2019, most notably when Babes broadcast an Instagram Live video while her lover was hitting her. Everytime she announces that she's leaving him, we are shocked a few months later to see them back together. It's this stranglehold on her emotions and finances which fans are blaming for Babes' "downfall".

But not so fast! Not everybody is convinced that it's all Mampintsha's fault. Adv. Barry Roux (the parody account) led the way in questioning why Mampintsha should be blamed for Babes Wodumo's choices and decisions. He wasn't alone either:

The debate has continued to rumble on on Twitter but one thing is for sure: Babes Wodumo's career is hanging by a thread and needs some kind, any kind, of intervention if it's going to reach the heights which her potential promised back in 2016/17.

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