Reactions From Babes' Behind The Story Interview

The interview was fun and interesting

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Babes Wodumo  | Drama

Last night's episode of BET's Behind The Story was an episode a lot of Babes' fans and haters were waiting on, as this was the first interview Babes had done ever since that incident with her and Mampintsha.

A lot of people in Babes' circle had been speaking on her behalf, but now, it was time to hear everything from the horse's mouth.

If you didn't watch the show, well, sadly you missed out on a lot. Babes was brutally honest and spoke her truth as best as she could which is something that either pissed of a lot of people or made you have a new found respect for her.

These were just some of the reactions from people who watched the show.

Although Babes tried to explain her story the best way she could, some viewers still want more answers...

...whereas others believe that the interview was pre-planned by Babes and Mampintsha, but we highly doubt that.

For some viewers, the interview has taught them to continue to just mind their own business and drink water.

While others appreciated Babes honesty throughout the interview.

Babes also spoke of a crush she has or had on a certain celebrity and most viewers believe that it is Cassper she was crushing on.

Amongst the many things that Babes spoke of, she explained her beef with TDK and addresses the issue of Mampintsha appearing in every song and video, she also admitted that Mampintsha needs help.

Did you watch Babes' Behind The Story interview?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Babes_Wodumo