Beyonce pays for her sister’s honeymoon

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Beyoncé  | Drama

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Queen Bey has agreed to foot the bill for her sister Solange and new hubby, Alan Ferguson's a lavish wedding holiday to Trancoso in Brazil. She will be also paying $1,100 for a night in Gulab Mahal villa 

According to Heat magazine, a source said: ''Beyonce also gifted Solange private first-class travel, a chartered boat tour and personally catered meals. ''It was her way of saying 'I'm sorry' after all the bad blood between Jay and Solange. And, of course, she's thrilled her sister got the wedding and man of her dreams. ''She wants the whole family to move on to happier times.''

Recently, we saw Beyonce saving the day at her sister’s wedding last month after Solange suffered an allergic reaction to seafood.

Tina, the bride's mother, said: ''Solange went through the wedding and the sit-down dinner and she was just fine, and then they had a second line in the streets of New Orleans and she was dancing so hard, I think she just got overheated. And the seafood - she had a reaction to it. So her face broke out in welts.''

The 28-year-old bride disappeared from the wedding for two hours, whilst Beyonce gave her an allergy tablet. 

Tina explained: ''Beyonce took her back to the hotel and gave her Benadryl and in two hours she showed up at the reception and did the dance with her son and just had a ball.''

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