Black Coffee receives backlash for performing in Israel

The DJ has gone on to defend himself with regards to this particular performance.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Black Coffee  | Drama

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Black Coffee

The public is at war of words with regards to Black Coffee's recent performance in what is termed Israel's apartheid state - Tel-Aviv.

When Black Coffee posted a video of his sold-out show in Tel-Aviv yesterday an onslaught of criticism towards him ensued from the public.

EFF politician - Floyd Shivambu was one of the few politicians who went online to voice his criticism towards the House DJ.

More individuals who were not impressed with Black Coffee's performance continued to voice their opinion throughout the day. The debate began on Sunday.

By Monday afternoon, Black Coffee went online to defend himself with regards to his performance by simply stating that he is just earning a living for his family.


But then one Twitter user dug out this quote from what is alleged to be Black Coffee's response to why he boycotted a performance in Swaziland.


However, as much as Black Coffee was criticized he also received a lot of support from others.


Whilst others decided to take a humorous approach to the entire debate.


In 2017 on his trip to Israel - Mandla Mandela referred to Israel as "the worst apartheid regime" and he was even reported to have requested for South Africa to cut all ties with "apartheid Israel."

If you want to learn more about why some South Africans are so passionately against Israel click here.

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