How Divorce Pushed Black Coffee To Therapy

He went through a messy break up with Enhle Mbali

By  | Oct 12, 2022, 06:29 PM  | Black Coffee  | Drama

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Black Coffee was the latest guest on, PS I Love You, a TV show dedicated to singer Shota and his wife Phumeza Mdabe. On the show he spoke about his mental health and how it took a knock when he divorced his wife and mother of his kids, Enhle Mbali Mlothswa. 

After their divorce made headlines, Black Coffee was made to seem like the bad guy as abuse allegations and infidelity rumors gained momentum. 

Enhle even started a movement on social media to demand justice and promised to spill the beans after losing her court case to get a protection order. 

A lot happened in the 3 years since their divorce news and to cope with the backlash, Black Coffee took to therapy to help identify his faults. 

“When I was first going through my divorce stuff, the first therapist I saw, I told her, ‘I need you to help me get over the fact that I’m being told how horrible I am as a human being. I’m starting to believe it, I need you help me and, if I am terrible, tell me’. So I did that … when I’m fine I changed my therapist. I went to another one and said to her; ‘help me take responsibility for all my actions’ … ” he told the presenter. 

Black Coffee then said fame often pushes one to God and therapy. 

“It is the most important thing to do. Understanding fame, the way I understand fame now. It is the most important thing. You need to be deeply rooted in two things … God and therapy.”

On the other hand, Enhle went on radio to also speak about her journey with a therapist. She claimed to have been admitted to a mental institution. 

“I remember finding myself having to go to a mental institution…At this point, I’m not remembering anything. I’m constantly numb, I don’t know how I feel, I don’t have an opinion. And that to me said something was wrong. I was mourning a death and the death happened a long time ago.”

“I was mourning all the work and the fight I had put in to make something work. I walked myself into a mental institution and I remember my psychologist saying – you are seven years late but you made it," she continued.

“From that day healing began and by the time I did sincerely yours I was completely comfortable with where I was and comfortable with moving forward," she added.

Nota recently slammed Black Coffee for 'bragging' about his divorce and even called him a b*tch. 

“Only b*tches brag about wanting to finalise their divorces quickly… I always knew Black Coffee had that in him. That’s why fathers need to be present in their son’s lives otherwise they end up growing up to be b*tches. An hour-long podcast will expose you like Natasha Thahane’s!” exclaimed Nota.

“Imagine listening to your Dad bragging about returning to the streets & living with grandmother, because he’s still a boy? I don’t know if it’s Nathi or Black Coffee speaking but both of them are fools… This is where we fail as black men. We misuse our influence & abuse power. ”

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