Give them a Bells: Black Motion go Gold!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Black Motion  | Drama

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We are so proud of one of our favourite house acts, Black Motion; we found out they have gone Gold this morning! And for those who aren't clued up on the music industry, we don't mean that a gold statue of them has been erected in the town square (Although that would be dope!) Nope, it means that their album, Fortune Teller, has reached Certified Gold Status in the South African music industry. 

I know there's a lot of confusion over Gold, Platinum, Silver etc; let's clear the air: 

In South Africa, an artist's album is certified Gold when it amasses 25,000 sales. 

Black Motion's excellent Fortune Teller is well deserving of this status too, and they were even congratulated on Instagram by Nomuzi Mabena who posted: 

The caption reads: 

Huge shout out to @realblackmotion for going GOLD!!! 😁👑📢 Hard work and talent collide to create magic everytime I hear their music or see them on stage. Very well deserved fellas, mad proud of you. And also huge shout out to everyone that bought the album, wouldn't have been possible without you guys. It ain't my album but I'm grateful and happy that we have people out there supporting local music!

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