Blue Mbombo: "We lived in a shack for most of our lives"

Blue and her sister have come a long way

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Blue Mbombo  | Drama

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Blue Mbombo

When looking at all of Blue's achievements ever since she appeared on Big Brother, it is quite evident that all that she has accomplished are a result of her hard work and perseverance, regardless of how difficult her upbringing may have been.

You may be forgiven for thinking that Blue was bought up with a silver spoon when looking at how far she's come in her career, however, when you dig deeper it is evident that life hasn't been easy for Blue, her sister Brown.

In a recent interview with Destiny Connect, Blue shared how she, Brown and her mother had to deal with a whole lot of financial difficulties especially after the passing of her father and how they had to weather out the difficult living conditions of growing up in a shack.

“We lived in a shack most of our lives. Our father passed away when we were young and our mum had to assume the additional role of being a provider,”

Having only one breadwinner in the household meant that Blue and Brown had to step their game up and help with the financial responsibilities at home. Luckily for Blue, she scored a couple of modelling gigs after she won a modelling competition that opened up opportunities for her to work over weekends and make some extra money which she saved. 

Blue Mbombo

All those modelling cheques have thus helped Blue and Brown build a new home for their mom.

"..most of my earnings went into a savings account. Now, at last, our mum will have a place she can call home,” she told the publication.

According to the Destiny interview, Brown also played a very pivotal role in helping build their mother a new home. Brown shared that she became a business partner with the father of her child who owned a property development company, the money she made from that business she saved and together with Blue's savings, their joint financial venture helped kick-start their project on building their mother a beautiful home.

Much respect to these ladies for making their mother so proud.

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