Bonang On Protecting Her Peace

If it doesn't bring her peace she avoids it

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

This week marks yet another milestone Bonang has achieved in her career. On Monday, the media darling officially launched her luxury alcohol brand - #HouseOfBNG and was officially confirmed as the first black woman to be part of the Méthode Cap Classique Association.

In case you were wondering what the Méthode Cap Classique Association is, it is the Cap Classique Producers Association which was established in 1992 by a group of like-minded producers who share a passion for bottle-fermented sparkling wines.

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After a successful launch, on Tuesday morning, Bonang made her way to the Fresh Breakfast show on Metro FM for an exclusive interview about her new venture and more.

What we found interesting about the interview is when Bonang mentioned how important her peace has become to her, especially considering that she is a public figure and someone who has become comfortable in being in her own skin.

"I'm a peaceful person, I have lots of peace within myself and a lot of the turmoil that happens is not caused by me and I find that when you're at peace with yourself, you're at peace with the world. The more you grow, you appreciate time, you appreciate love, the things that are a little bit more important. That's where I am, there are so many great things that have happened within myself that I have found the world to be a good place."

If you follow Queen B* on social media, Twitter especially, you will notice that Bonang is not shy at blocking anyone who disrupts her peace and that has been evident with many people who have begged her to unblock them. Staying true to her path of inner-peace, Bonang has mentioned that if she's blocked you before, chances are she will probably never unblock you.

Bonang is of the belief that if you have the time to stop whatever you're doing, to say something negative about another person, then that says a lot about you as individual as well. Bonang acknowledges that maybe some of the people she has blocked have had a change of heart about her, but she is not interested in finding out so she will keep them at bay by blocked.

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