Euphonik Claims Bonang Is "Seeking Relevance"

The NONKE saga continues

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

A lot has been happening on social media lately. With nore and more women and children being reported missing, this has led to a social media indignation.

Yesterday, Boity lashed out on the government for  neglecting women and shielding murderers and rapists - this after the twitter trends #AmINext, #EnoughIsEnough and #UyineneMrwetyane went viral.

Many other celebrities expressed their concern regarding the brutality against women and children. Siv Ngesi called for a national shutdown, and Miss SA weighed in on the dangerous and painful circumstances women are subjected to in our country.

In the midsts of the uproar, DJ Euphonik also weighed in  with the words "we are trash".

His tweet received hundreds of retweets and likes, as well as a mix of comments. But one response, in particular, caused a stir.  Bonang replied with Euphonik's "signature" word/term "NONKE".

The term gained popularity in 2016 when Euphonik set the record straight in 7 points about his controversial tweets which many believed to be a jab at AKA. At the time, AKA and Bonang were an item and Euphonik (being B's ex) was believed to be jealous of the relationship.

And that is how NONKE was born - which he later monetized by making t-shirts.

Euphonik is also notorious for physically assaulting Bonang when the two were dating,  so Bonang's recent tweet was seen as jab at the DJ; indicating that he, too, is definitely trash for abusing her.

Euphonik did not take kindly to this reply and further insulted the presenter and businesswoman by saying she is "not normal" and she is "seeking relevance".

The Dj has deleted his tweet but tweeps caught it on screenshots.

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