Yes, Bonang does have female friends!

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Contrary to popular belief, Bonang Matheba does actually have close female friends.

Over the years, many have speculated about the TV and radio personality's friendships, even going as far as claiming that she can't keep friends, especially women. 

However, Bonang has cleared that rumour in an interview with ZAlebs. We recently caught up with Queen B and she spoke about E! Africa, her dreams, and what we can expect from her in 2016.

Q: What can we expect from E! Africa and who will be featured?

A: E! Africa is a channel that will be showcasing glamorous and entertaining moments of the African continent, as done by its US E! Entertainment. Its fast-paced, glitzy, trendy and very fresh content.

Q: When can we expect to see the first episode, time and channel?

A: The first series of E! Africa was flighted last year 13 September 2015, with an E! Special on my life in the entertainment world. They have since shown other South African and African celebrities.


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Q: With so many opportunities, and now it looks like you are conquering Africa, would you say you are now the Queen B of Africa?

A: Yes I am Queen B. I am the Queen B of MY world... I am never one to extend my dreams and visions beyond my personal boundaries and can't ever say I am the Queen of Africa or even South Africa. Yes, I am honored that people recognise my hardwork and efforts of always striving to put forward a great presentation of myself, but when you drown yourself in titles - thats when you start losing focus of the bigger picture and I am not about to lose focus on my dreams.

Q: Please unpack 2016 - what else can we expect from you?

A: There's a lot you can expect from me this year. I've been nominated for the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards (NBMA) in the category of the African Broadcaster of the Year Female (People's choice); the awards take place on the 27th of February in Abuja, Nigeria, on 31 March. I will be honored with my own star at the inaugural Africa Walk of Fame, that's in Rosebank. There's much more that 2016 has to offer but i cannot say too much right now.

Q: In 2015 and at the beginning of 2016, your private life also made newspaper headlines. Is there a story that you felt was unfair and a lie?

A: I dont necessarily pay attention to those headlines. I'm always busy and on the road, that helps me not pay mind to them. The people around me know my truth and the kind of person I am so that is where my comfort lies. I sleep easy at night knowing that I have worked hard to gain all that I have, without ever doing anything either than being myself.

Q: Do you have people that you trust to share your secrets with other than your family?

A: Actually, contrary to the "Bonang Urban Tale", yes I do have a very close knit circle of friends. I do have female friends. But I choose not to put everything out there as I have to protect those nearest and dearest to me, from the hazard of being my friends.

Q: What is your biggest dream that you still wish to achieve?

A: Right now I am fulfilling my dream of building my own production company, Bonang Matheba Entertainment, The next part of my dream is to own my own network… I draw inspiration from powerful women like Basetsane Khumalo, Patience Stevens, and Khanyi Dhlomo, who have shown me that not only the Oprah Winfreys of this world can steer their ships, but women down at the tip of the African continent captains of industries too.

Q: Who are your favourite celebrities outside of South Africa?

A: What people don't know about me is that I read, as thats part of my growth in this industry - just because I am in entertainment, does not mean that my idols are entertainment related. What draws me to idolisation is tenacity and a daring attitude towards realising and achieving your goal. So no, I can't pinpoint one.

Q: What's your favourite place in KZN?

A: It has to be Zimbali because of the scenery and the quietness. It is just breathtaking and its a place where i can just get away from the chaos of city life. I just switch off when I'm there, but still be within a stone's throw away from the city.

Q: Are you a Millionaire?

A: *hides* I can say I live comfortably. I don't believe in disclosing ones wealth but at the same time I'm not going to walk around pretending like I'm not in wealth, I just believe attaching figures is being ingracious.

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