Malaika's Bongani Nchang is doing better than ok

Afro-pop/Gospel singer Bongani Nchang attributes his peace of mind to his wife.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Bongani Nchang  | Drama


After experiencing a lot of hardships in his life, Bongani Nchang is back on his feet and it's all thanks to his wife.

After his divorce, other failed relationships and a music career that seemed as though it was dipping. Singer and former Malaika band member, Bongani Nchang had given up on life, but after meeting his wife, Danoline things started lighten up.

Bongani Nchang

Speaking to Drum, Bongani shared how after his divorce from his ex-wife & numerous failed relationships he fell into a deep depression.

"I felt weak for days on end, I couldn't eat, I was depressed and my life was falling apart." He told the publication. But in 2013 Bongani turned over a new leaf and it's mostly because of his wife Danoline.

The two had met twelve years ago whilst Bongani was still separated to his first wife, Nthabiseng. 

Bongani and Danoline met when Bongani passed by Danoline's beauty store in Sandton and was completely mesmerized by her beauty.

"I walked past the shop and had to do a double take because in all of life and throughout all my travels I had never seen such beauty."

Bongani and wife

Bongani and Danoline have experienced their own ups and downs in the past & even brok up after Bongani found out that his ex-wife, had fallen pregnant, but after numerous failed attempts in their marriage, in 2010 Bongani and Nthabiseng then divorced.

 In 2012 Bongani and Danoline rekindled their relationship, the two went on three dates and that's when Bongani proposed.

Since their marriage life has been smooth thus far, the singer who is now more of a Gospel singer than an Afro-Pop singer released an album last year, titled the Wonders of Mercy which he worked closely with his wife to complete.

"With this record, my wife and I were in charge of everything because we wanted the project to work." Said Bongani

When asked if there would be another Malaika album, Bongani said that the door is open but it's unlikely that there will be another Malaika album coming.

Main image Credit: Facebook/BonganiNchang