Bonnie Mbuli Turns 40

My goodness she looks amazing!

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Forty really looks good on our female celebrities.

Joining a long list of ladies in their 40's is media personality and actress - Bonnie Mbuli.

Bonnie was born on 18 March 1979 in Soweto, she is the eldest of three children and has enjoyed a career that spans over 25-years, despite her careers many challenges.

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Our first recollection of seeing Bonnie Mbuli was when she presented music - Technics Heart Of The Beat alongside radio personality - Glen Lewis.

Her most well-known role to-date was when she played the role of Zandi on Backstage back in the early 2000's.

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This role then lead to a number of leading roles on other television programmes as well as on international movies such as Drum, Invictus, Catch a Fire and  Blinded Angels and many other local projects.

Since growing of age, one thing Bonnie has began to take seriously, is her physical and mental health and the results have been showing.

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Can you believe that this is a mother of two?

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You might think that there's some kind of secret that Bonnie is holding back from us that has her looking this amazing at 40, when in actual fact there isn't.

All Bonnie does is eat clean, practice yoga and keeps a peaceful aura around her, oh and being in love is a bonus healthy practice as well.

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Happy 40th belated birthday to Bonnie, may she see many more years to come.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BonnieMbuli