Bontle & Dineo Shocked They Still Get Hit On

Men want what they want. They don't care about a baby pump or a wedding ring

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bontle Modiselle  | Drama

Bontle Modiselle and Dineo Moeketsi Langa had a WTF moment on Twitter recently when they expressed shock at the fact that men still hit on them.

Presenter, dance and musician Bontle recently announced that she is expecting her first baby with rapper and boyfriend Priddy Ugly. The couple has been together for 10 years and together with their pregnancy, also announced the release of their album titled D.N.A (DA New Afrika) under their name Rick Jade.

But even with her very conspicuous baby bump, men still approach her. Smh!

Bontle took to Twitter to express her shock. "So guys genuinely don’t care about a baby bump? They hit on you anyway? Heh banna," she wrote.

The Queen actress Dineo Langa - who is newly married to her long-time partner Solo - also replied, expressing how men still hit on her too even though she has a ring on her finger; stating that this was disrespectful to their partners/people - to which tweeps replied "no one belongs to anyone, people belong to God".
Women who are and have been in similar situations also expressed how unflattering the experience is.

On the other hand, men said that they do not see anything wrong  and others said that they find a pregnant woman "more attractive".