Bontle pens beautiful note to her body

The dancer is being personal

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bontle Modiselle  | Drama

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We live in a world that is very obsessed with good looks and "snatched" bodies. While some people are constantly striving for perfection, others, including Bontle Modiselle, are choosing to embrace what they have. 

The dancer and media personality recently took to Instagram to write a very candid letter to her body. The starlet shared images of her body with a heartfelt message on body positivity. 

Her message read: 

"You’ve changed! As of late, you’ve been greeted by the mention of how much weight you’ve lost. True. What is also true is that in 2018 you experienced very testing levels of variations in hardship, insecurities, injuries, scrutiny, learning how far you can go, you danced, you made love, you had inconsistent eating and sleeping patterns, you superceded my mind when it told you give up, you taught me more about the things you love, the things you hate and what you just won’t take - man! I tested you!" 
She continued: 

"But the toughest was you experiencing a pain that you will one day be courageous enough to speak about. Until then, continue to heal. But know, I have an intense love for you now. I hear you. I feel you. I get you. I understand you. I love you. And so, in 2019, I want to dedicate my time and energy with others to help them find a true love for themselves, in their truest form. Just as they are. I want them to dance, to live and love life. Wherever it shall take me, I will go. It’s TIME! So....Let’s have this dance??" 

Bontle is not the first star to write a letter to her body. In 2018, Marie Claire's naked issue took all that focus and channelledl it towards something we need more of – body positivity. 

The aim of the campaign has always been to take people's interest in nudity and use it for a good cause, but people still aren't able to see past the nudity. Take a look at Tumi Morake's letter: 

"#Dearbody: Hey you sexy thang. Yes you, my curvaceous one-of-a-kind vessel. I may say disparaging things about you at times, but I really do love you and I promise to adorn you like the sacred temple you are to this fierce soul. I celebrate your beauty and your resilience." Tumi.

Main image credit: Instagram/@bontle.modiselle
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