Bucie has outgrown the entertainment industry: 'It's too toxic'

The singer wants none of that. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Bucie Nkomo  | Drama

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Bucie has outgrown the entertainment industry: 'It's too toxic'

Bucie's heart is no longer in the entertainment industry. That's not a bad thing, right? 

The award-winning singer made this clear in an Instagram live video. Speaking to her fans, she assured them that she'll still be doing music, but behind the scenes. 

"If you've been a fan of Bucie you will definitely hear ukuthu (that) she was definitely in that song," she said in the video. 

She then told fans that she has outgrown entertainment industry. "Guys, don't them lie to you. At some point you have to grow up and outgrow some things, and I've grown so much, and one of the things I've just outgrown is just our entertainment industry, it's too toxic. It's just like 'ooh, I'm too happy', I can't." 

She said she can't allow herself to be stressed by funny things. "People just literally selling their souls so that they can get to that level or whatever level that they believe they need to be. And it's just, it's heartbreaking." The Easy to Love hitmaker added that she wants none of that. 

In an interview on Power FM in May this year, the mother of two explained that she grew up wanting to be famous, but has since had a change of heart. "Now I want nothing to do with fame. I want to sing and have one know the face behind the voice," she said. 

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