Cassper and Prince Kaybee's Bicep Battle

They're still fighting

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

By now, we all know that Cassper Nyovest is VERY active on social media. A little too active really because he often finds himself in twars with... literally anyone.

But it seems like Abuthi #FillUp has met his match in Prince Kaybee. The two have literally been going back and forth for days! It all started with an messy tweet from a fan and they both got sucked in to the non-existent beef, as if they are both not professionals who have been famous for years. You'd think they'd know better by now, right?

As soon as Cassper saw Prince Kaybee claim he had bigger biceps than him, his ego started twitching all over the timeline! He immediately resorted to clowning the DJ for his small waist line... which we didn't even know guys noticed but okay.

We thought it was over but nope.

If you're thinking "wow! This is so stupid. What the hell??", you are not alone. Everyone thought it was banter but as the back and forth reached it's THIRD DAY, the whole timeline could agree that this is a weird way to use your data. Even NaakMusiq came in to poke fun at the situation.

It really seemed like everyone was joking. Like how you and your friends can insult each other and then blame it on the Black Label the next morning. But Cassper kept making it more and more personal. Saying Prince Kaybee used photoshop for instagram, accusing him of wearing fake watches and more. It went so far past ridiculous that Prince Kaybee just kept poking at his  nerves.

After refreshing his notifications, Cassper must have noticed that not everyone saw the situation as something serious. So, as usual, the not-so-humble boy from the hood deflected by explaining to fans that he is actually the victim.

Eventually, after realizing that this has gone on for way too long, they have both dropped it. One thing we do know is that this won't be the last twar we see Cassper in until he accepts that fame comes with some down sides too!

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main image credit: @casspernyovest