Cassper Shades AKA After Fans Compare The Two

Nasty C says Cass is not untouchable!

By  | Apr 17, 2020, 01:26 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

Cassper Nyovest seems to have stepped on a few toes recently. The rapper gives himself a lot of praises and dubbed himself the best rapper in the country currently.

His beef with AKA is still continuous and Cass does not see Supa Mega as his equal. The phrase 'aka' is a widely used abbreviation which stands for also-known-as.

Cassper used it in one of his tweets and fans asked the rapper if he was not afraid of using the term. A question to which Cass responded to by shading AKA.

"First and foremost, I'm not afraid of Aka so why would be afraid of using the word?" he tweeted.

He also went on to say, he is left puzzled at people who constantly compare him to AKA because according to Cass, AKA has done nothing compared to him.

Mega's fans went in on Cass and tried to tell him that AKA has a better catalog than he does. When asked if he would go head to head with him, Cass responded by saying a simple Instagram battle is not enough. Respect is the only way.

"Nope, that one MUST be handled another way. Only one way to end that one! Respect must be instilled and taught!!!"

Whilst social media was having a debate on rappers and their catalogs, Cassper deemed his to be untouchable. Fans sing his praises saying that he can body any rapper with the amount of hits he has.

He responded to the compliment by saying; "I performed for 4 hours at Fill Up FNB stadium. That's a solid catalog. Nobody would dare try it. Nobody should dare try it."

Nasty C tried to put some breaks on Cassper's gloating and responded by saying he is not untouchable.

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Picture credit: Instagram/@casspernyovest