Celebrities who have been accused of Domestic Abuse

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama


Violence knows no gender, age, or reason, and some of these allegations are going to shock you. From a celebrity who allegedly dragged his partner with a car to an actor who beat someone's face in so badly she needed to be hospitalized.

While it is important to show that any type of violence is never to be tolerated, it’s hard to clearly send that message when it seems that the public is constantly forgiving celebrity perpetrators of domestic assault, believing that their “art” outweighs their personal choices. We need to stop giving alleged assailants recognition and praise for their artistic work while turning a blind eye to their brutal indiscretions.

Take a look at some of the celebs who have been accused of being abusive towards women.

Arthur Mafokate


Arthur was allegedly arrested last week for assaulting his girlfriend during an argument, he allegedly dragged her down the road with his car.



Bonang Matheba accused Euphonik of being a woman basher, he allegedly hit her during an argument.

Sello Sebotsane 


The actor has been accused of physically assaulting his wife over a period of years.

Teko Modise


Teko Modise's ex wife accused the soccer player of being violent towards her.

Rapulane Sephemo


The Generations: The Legacy actor faced allegations of abuse when his girlfriend opened up an assault charge against him. The charge was later dropped.

Main image credit: Instagram/euphonik