Celebrity break-ups we'll never get over part II

We may not have been part of these relationships but we're just as hurt 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

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Celebrity break-ups we'll never get over part II

Back in 2015, there were a few celebrity break-ups that shook the game but they have nothing on the break ups that seemed to follow right after each other in recent months. And just like the people who were in these relationships, we’re still reeling.

When Zahara and Amaza - who were engaged at the time - broke up, we were a little disappointed because we felt as though they were perfect for each other. It turns out things weren’t as great on the inside as they looked on the outside. We at least hope they both learned something from their break up and are using it to work towards happiness in their current relationships.

zahara x amaza

Nobody expected Mel and Zwai’s divorce. It captured headlines for days on end and left many dying to know what the exact cause was.

Zwai melanie

Another break up that shook the game was Bonang and AKA’s break up last December. Although it may not be the first time the pair have split, it looks as though this is the last time as they have yet to get back together and they no longer follow each other on social media.  

aka bonang

Bad Boy T and Unathi were one of the OG’s in the game, so like Mel and Zwai’s divorce, we also never saw this one coming. Unathi seems to be doing well though… but, has anyone checked on Thomas?

Uhanthi and Thomas Msengana

Thembi Seete and Bobo 'Bo' Seritsane were such a fixture on the celebrity relationship scene that we never thought that would ever end and now Seete is said to be expecting her first child with a new mystery man. Which makes us wonder…

thembi and bo

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