Celebs warn of fraudsters

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Drama

The Daily Sun reports that award-winning gospel star Winnie is warning fans against the ruthless tricks of a thief posing as her driver, who tries to get money by claiming that she’s been in an accident and needs financial help.

“He asks for between R1 000 and R2 000 to help pay for my hospitalisation. He asks people to deposit the cash at one of the major supermarkets,” she warned.

“I was never involved in any accident and I will never take my fans for a ride.

“The news shocked me. I want to warn my fans not to give money to anyone who pretends to be representing me or to be my driver.”

A similar fate has also befallen ex-Orlando Pirates player Jerry, whose friends have been receiving messages from someone who claims that he desperately needed money for bail after being arrested for drunk driving.

Explained Jerry’s friend, Craydon Ngcina, who actually lost some money trying to help his buddy: “I received an SMS from Jerry’s number informing me that he was arrested and needed R2 100 for bail.

“The person told me he couldn’t talk on the phone because he was in a police cell. Instead he gave me a number and said it belonged to a detective called Mahlangu, who would call to arrange bail.

“The man on the phone wanted me to call my other friends to raise the R2 100 after I said I could only pay R1000, but in the end he accepted it.”

The man who called himself Mahlangu told Ngcina that he had to transfer the cash via Money Market before 8am if he wanted to keep his friend out of jail.

Jerry said he smelt a rat when his SIM card failed to register with his network, with the fraudster believed to be using WhatsApp with the former soccer star’s number and profile picture.


(Credit:Facebook Winnie Mashaba)