If Charlize gets cast as James Bond, I can play Shaka Zulu says Steve Hofmeyr

Hofmeyr seems to strive on making controversial statements 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Charlize Theron  | Drama

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If Charlize gets cast as James Bond, I can play Shaka Zulu says Steve Hofmeyr

In his most recent Facebook rant (he's fond of those), Hofmeyr expressed his disappointment and the news that Hollywood directors were considering casting a female bond and our very on Charlize Theron was a front runner for the part. 

Over the years, there have been whispers that directors were seriously considering taking the James Bond franchise in a different and more representative direction. In fact, rumor had it that they were considering casting a black James Bond and they had Idris Elba in mind for the role (we're guessing Steve missed this news). No word about why that didn't happen but the Charlize Theron casting looks highly likely. So likely in fact that the idea was endorsed by Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth, and that set Hofmeyr off. 

Steve Hofmeyr facebook rant

The opening paragraph reads

"Chris Hemsworth says that it's time that the James Bond character is played by a woman. Then I can, or Charlize Theron rather, play Shaka Zulu and Casper de Vries can play Wonder Woman and Oprah can play mother Theresa. Then they could also possibly make all sports gender-friendly, then women would possibly never win medals. Resolved. It is over this nonsense that we know that the leftists really aren't progressive." 

The rest of the post then delves into raising funds for some or other Afrikaans agenda. 

We could say we wonder why he finds this idea so laughable but it's evident why he just can't get behind it. Charlize is one of the most bad-ass women in Hollywood and she recently did all her own stunts for her upcoming action flick, Atomic Blonde, where she plays an MI6 agent. She confirmed this in a recent interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show where they discussed how tough South African chicks are. 

The pair discussed this in addition to what she misses about SA, their respective achievements: 

We haven't even seen Atomic Blonde yet but we can say is "jy praat k** Mnr. Hofmeyr en dis 'n feit"

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