Chomee's summer body is everything

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Chomee  | Drama

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There’s nothing as stressful as seeing images of people showing off their summer bodies in winter, knowing fully well that you’ve been on your worst diet behaviour.

Loafing on the couch whilst you're finishing your third packet of chips, as you sadly scroll down your Instagram account, watching many of your fave celebrities work it out at the gym in preparation for those summer vibes by the pool or beach.

Payday is finally here. Besides appreciating how marvellous our bank balances looks currently, we also took the time to appreciate Chomee’s summer body.

Goodness! Where has she been hiding this killer body?


Waiting for summer like....

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

This image reminds us of when Minnie Dlamini broke the internet with her Victoria Secret's lingerie shoot. Oh, you don't remember that image? Let us refresh your memory a bit... You're most welcome.

So, in case you're still thinking about hitting the gym this winter, we're sure these images will be more than enough motivation for you to hit the treadmill running!

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