Church Goers Are More Judgemental

Kelly Khumalo drags those who judge

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

It is without a doubt that throughout the years, Kelly Khumalo has been subjected to a lot of cyberbullying from people on social media.

The bullying intensified when she began dating rapper - Chad Da Don. However, Kelly has learned how to put people in their place and does not mince her words when doing so.

She also came to the realisation that most of the time the people who are mean and judgmental towards her on social media are usually the "holier than thou" squad.

In a recent Instagram post, Kelly called out the judgmental individuals in a lengthy Instagram post saying: 


"I'm sitting here and I've realised that there is no one that will judge you more than the ones who go to church every day. The ones who every Sunday they are present without fail. Even the ones who are talking nonsense about others on social media, dragging people down on social media, judging and condemning.

You go to there pages and number 1; their lives are in shambles, number 2; they are somewhere in the dusty streets and doing nothing with their lives; number 3; their status is 'God's favourite daughter or son.'  How are you a favourite if you keep judging or dragging people down? Chief, start by addressing your own life before you address others."

So before you go out there to judge Kelly, just make sure that you're a certified saint whose got a lot going on in their life.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@KellyKhumaloZA/Johnosomedia

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