Cici is not dropping charges against Arthur Mafokate

Cici has dismissed any media reports that she has dropped charges against her alleged lover.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Cici Twala  | Drama

Five times Cici made us want to go to they gym

The singer laid charges against her boss and alleged lover, Arthur Mafokate, after he dragged her with his car during an argument this month.

Cici sustained serious injuries which she has since undergone a pelvic replacement operation for.

According to Cici, she has not been able to walk ever since the altercation.

Cici's injuries

There have been numerous reports that Cici has allegedly dropped the case against Arthur, but Cici recently released a statement dismissing those reports.

The statement read:

"I refute claims that me and Mr Arthur Mafokate have kissed and made up. I also refute claims that I have dropped the assault charges against Arthur as reported in the media. As far as I know, the charges against Arthur are still pending and I have no intentions of dropping them."

The singer and dancer further explained that she has no interest in discussing the details of the case as authorities and the police are still in the process of working on the case.

"Furthermore, I would like to ask the media to ignore any remarks in the media regarding me contrary to what I have responded to." concluded the statement.

Arthur's ex-girlfriend, Chomee has since defended him and does not believe that Arthur is a woman basher


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