Skeem Saam: Black Tax Shows Kwaito Flames

Poor Kwaito.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Clement Maosa  | Drama

The issue of black tax is real within the black community and having shows like Skeem Saam highlight such a topic shows how much of a hindrance black tax is to a lot of young black professionals trying to make a name for themselves.
If you're still wondering what black tax is; it is basically a term used to describe young black people who hold the responsibility of using a portion of their salary to help out their parents or extended family members.
This has been happening to Zamokuhle Saakamela aka Kwaito in SABC 1's youth drama series - Skeem Saam. 

In the soapie, Kwaito is a recent engineering graduate who just got employed. The young graduate automatically becomes the breadwinner of his family as none of his family members are employed hence them being heavily dependant on him.
To make the situation even more difficult, Kwaito's family is not sticking to his budget and are unapologetic about it.
He's also receiving a lot of pressure from his demanding girlfriend who also wants a share of Kwaito's pay cheque. 

Tweeps sympathise with Kwaito and this is what they had to say:

Poor Kwaito, thank goodness he's starting to put his foot down on all the exploitation he's been experiencing from his family.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@SkeemSaam