Date My Family and that broke ex-lover

This is why you should never enter a dating show if you got serious skeletons in your closet.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

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Did Date My family Mbali lie about her age?

Being a person who is a liker if things sure does has more of its downs and ups. Especially if your ex-girlfriend exposes you on social media for what you're really are.

Date My Family has returned to our TV screens for a while now, we've seen the best and of course the worst, but no episode has made us cringe like the one from this past weekend.

Now we all know the basic ongoings of this show, you meet three families for dinner and based on how you get along with those three families you choose your potential date. But all three meetings are always filled with laughter, drama and a bit of embarrassment.

And saying that this past weekend's show was nothing but drama is an understatement, interestingly enough the drama wasn't even brought on by the people who were on the show but by an ex-girlfriend who managed to spot her dodgy ex-boyfriend on the show.

After spotting the guy, who goes by the name of "Hilton" who also goes by the name of Nhlanhla on the show, his ex-girlfriend saw red and decided to put up all his dirty laundry all over social media....

Date my family

And the woman went all the way in with the exposure, if you missed out on all the Sunday Twitter drama here's what Hilton's exhad to say about him.

The tweets ranged from him being broke, not using a condom and how much of a liar the guy is.

Be warned, some of the contents of these tweets are P.G rated.

date my family

This tweet right here absolutely killed us, wow ex's really know how to pull your files out on Twitter.

Date my family

Chest pains! Such exposure, though!

date my family drama

We can only wonder if this guy was able to redeem himself after these tweets, maybe Date My Family should allow him to appear on a follow-up episode so we can hear his side of the story, after all there are always two sides of the story right?

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