Date My Family: Bonga's friend is public enemy number one

Date My Family viewers were clearly not impressed with Bonga's bestie - Sibongiseni

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

Date My Family

But what if her attitude was for good intentions? Unfortunately, that is not what the viewers saw.

If anything, the viewers probably associate Sibongiseni's behaviour with this lady right here...


...remember her? 

She was even nicknamed Miss Nedbank because of her outfit and because she was hostile towards her friend's potential date.

From the beginning, we knew that Sibongiseni was going to be a bit problematic and that Black Twitter was not going to take a liking to her and we were correct.

Yeah, Sibongiseni probably does have a soft spot for Bonga.

And the comments just kept rolling in

We couldn't agree more with this tweet.

Sadly for Bonga, Taylor did not choose him but decided to go on a date with the eager beaver that is Ephriam, who was already gunning for a first kiss.

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Main Image Credit: Twitter