Date My Family: Cleo and Neo were a match made in hell

Their names might rhyme but there was no connection between theΒ two.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

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Date my family

Shots were thrown and we caught all the shade, it's clear that Cleo and Neo were not feeling each other from the get-go.

To be fair, Cleo knew that she was not attracted to Neo from the moment he stepped into her home to have dinner with her family.

Unfortunately, because of how well Cleo's friend (Blondie) treated Neo, he immediately warmed up to the family and the idea of going on a date with Cleo seemed like a better choice.

But can we also discuss how cosy Blondie was trying to get with Neo?

That hug before Neo left was very long and raised a lot of questions, did Blondie now want Neo for herself?


After this comment, we definitely think so.

Then there was the official date, it was obvious that things were not going to go down well between the two because they began arguing from the moment they stepped into the car.

So many snarky remarks were exchanged between the two, it even seemed like driver bae was ready to intervene after the two kept on biting each other's heads off.


At the dinner table, the war of words continued as Neo and Cleo went back and forth with the insults.

But in fairness, Neo did try to make Cleo comfortable but she just continued insulting him about his beard and other things that just really ticked him off.

And then there was that epic walk-off by Neo.

At least he got to enjoy his glass of Hennessy in peace.

Black Twitter obviously had fun with this episode.


What are your thoughts on how the two were behaving?

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