#DateMyFamily: Crazy culture

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Drama

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It’s good to see people embracing their cultures and being proud of their background. But it becomes a problem when people act bias or crazy, citing culture.

This week’s bachelor is a 28-year-old staunch cultural model by the name Mthuthu. He looks good, has an impeccable sense of fashion, and his physique is of required standards. It’s clear the man takes good care of himself and he knows that image is important.

With all these winning points, unfortunately, Mthuthu is a derby downer. He’s like a dish which looks good on the menu but tastes like cardboard.

Patricia’s family was the first to endure Mthuthu’s bigotry. The man wanted to exercise his Zulu culture on this unsuspecting Congolese family. First of all Mthuthu is a guest in their house and he is expected to behave like one, but instead he brought out his beliefs and rubbed off the family in a wrong way. The man was offered food and he refused to dish out for himself because there were women and also refused to eat first in case the food was poisoned? Was that supposed to be a joke? If it was, it was out of taste.

The meeting with Khulekile’s family wasn’t that awkward, even though Mthuthu had one or two moments where he proudly displayed his chauvinism.

When he was asked about who should earn more in the house, he said “As a man you must earn more than your woman”. And what was that about a woman waking up two hours earlier to prepare him food before she leaves for work? Can someone inform Mthuthu that dinosaurs and Shaka are no more, and we now have internet, cell phones, and books… which seems like it’s something he doesn’t even have.

Bianca’s family was the last causality. We do agree that our bachelor was off the mark with his way of thinking but for Bianca’s friend to mention that he doesn’t look moneyed while she looks like that? No, it doesn’t work like that. Maybe if this was said by Kim Kardashian we would be more lenient. Again Bianca is still young, in fact, why are these young people looking for love on a TV show, isn’t there something to do for these youngsters? Can’t Blade Nzimande do something about this?

Mthuthu chose to go out with Khulekile, which proved to be a decision he would later regret. From when they met there was no chemistry, no connection, or anything exciting. The date was just a bore and dull. Mthuthu kept thinking about Patricia because she looked exactly like what he was looking for but we doubt he would have even lasted a minute with the Congolese belle.

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