Date My Family highlights: Ralph's little brother gets dragged

Enter Date My Family at your own risk.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

Date my family

Date My Family can give one a lot of anxiety, especially when you're watching it on Twitter.

But then again, the show is more entertaining to watch on Twitter than on television half of the time. And Sunday night's episode was no different.

Introducing 24-year-old Palesa, a mother of one and a student who is looking to be in a stable relationship.

But before we could even get to know Palesa, Twitter users were already out here dragging her for her chipped tooth.

But Palesa wasn't the only one who got dragged, Ralph, who was one of the bachelors was also represented by his friends and little brother who really rubbed some people the wrong way with his comments.


The little brother made a lot of comments about Palesa that were uncalled for, including her weight and what Venda men expect from women.

He especially angered some Venda people by perpetuating stereotypes attributed to Venda men.

At least some people clarified that dating a Venda man isn't as bad as he made it out to be.

Yeah, his neck did move a lot.

What was also interesting about this episode is that Black Twitter may have also found the infamous Date My Family cameraman who was also doing the most with his camera skills.

Apparently, this is the man who has been capturing all of those hilarious moments on the show. 


And Date My Family viewers thank him for a job well done.

Main Image Credit: Facebook