Date My Family: Karaboliscious was a disappointment

And yes, when the show began he introduced himself as 'Karaboliscious'

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama

Date my family

Whilst watching the latest episode of Date My Family we really felt bad for Brenda. Just when she thought she was going to finally find a man who is genuinely honest and caring she makes the wrong choice and goes on a date with a guy who is the total opposite of what she was looking for.

As Date My Family continues to air, it is clear that sometimes you're better off single than going on such a show just to be matched with three guys that are the total opposite of what you're looking for in a man.

Even though Brenda chose Karabo at the end, we knew that he was going to be a disappointment from the get-go.

When Brenda was highlighting the type of man she was looking for, Karabo checked all the boxes but when Brenda said she especially would like a man who is honest & trustworthy Karabo flipped the script by mentioning that he is an "almost" honest man.

But then again what can you expect from a guy who introduced himself like this.

Although Karabo's friends & family represented him well, there is one person on Twitter who managed to pull out the files about him.


Some people tried to defend Karabo and his love for alcohol but this former fellow student was not having it.


Just to confirm how much of a disappointment Karabo is, we knew the date was not going to go well when he mentioned that Pedi men don't smile.

Like huh? Since when.

From then on everything just went downhill, poor Brenda didn't even feel like finishing her dinner.

We're just glad she made it clear to him that a second date would not be happening.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic