Date My Family? Or is it Come Dine With Me?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Drama

Finding love can be a really crazy game, especially if you choose to find it in reality shows and involve your family in the process.

We thoroughly enjoy Date My Family because things are done vice versa - a stranger scrutinises you according to how your family treats them. We never imagined that one could meet their life partner like that.

This week, we met the 21-year-old model Cindy and the three young men; Grant, Romeo and Tshepo, who were hoping to go out with her.  

Grant’s family was the first in line to impress the lanky model. We liked the family, especially his mom. She spoke highly of her son and emphasised that he’s a popular DJ. Popular or not, it’s advisable to choose people who will represent you well and won’t tarnish your image. We would put Grant’s mom on our CV.

They kept it simple and prepared biryani and salads. The Inkomazi salad seemed to not have gone well with Cindy’s taste buds. Then it was time for dessert. The trifle was mixed with strawberries. Instead of dishing a small portion and eat, Cindy had to mention how she didn’t like how they prepared it. That was unnecessary; she was not in a restaurant.

Then it was Romeo’s friends who had to host the bachelorette. Cindy didn’t waste time complaining that she doesn’t like red meat because it’s slaughtered, yet she eats chicken. So chickens die natural deaths, Cindy?

Then she asked for the dessert when it was brought out. What is the first thing she does? Complain. We don’t think Paris Hilton is this hard to please.

Tshepo’s family was the last to handle the difficult young lady. From when she heard that Tshepo was a rapper, we think she instantly lost interest. Gentlemen, take note, being a rapper isn’t quite appealing to the ladies, unless you’ve already made it and have won yourself a couple of awards and endorsements.

She complained about the mince being too salty and mentioned that the pasta was over-cooked. For a moment there we thought we were watching an episode of Come Dine With Me the way Cindy was so finicky about the food.

We were rolling on the floor with laughter when she complained about the salad dressing having already been poured on the salad when she actually wanted to do it for herself. Uhm, is there something wrong with someone pouring the salad dressing for you?  

When you are a guest, you eat whatever is prepared unless you have an allergic reaction. The only place you are allowed to complain is your home and at a restaurant. In fact, no one is allowed to complain if they can’t cook themselves.

Her using words such as "ostentatious" and "supercilious" at the dinner table can mean two things: she didn’t know how to describe a big-headed person in simpler terms, or she wanted to prove that she knows English.

She chose to go out with Romeo and the date wasn’t all that bad. We were surprised she didn’t complain about his hairstyle. In fact, that was the only time she didn’t complain throughout the entire show.

But we must say Tshepo did leave a lasting impression on us. He couldn’t be bothered; he was not even dressed for the date and was drinking beer while waiting to hear if he was the chosen one. We can only wonder what would've happened if Cindy chose him? The relationship was probably going to be short-lived.

Here are just some of the tweets from Sunday night's show. It's obviously clear that Ms Thing, Cindy, is one tough lady to impress: