Date My Family: Raymond regrets not choosing Thato

Yeah, no the "Sniper" miscalculated his target.

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On Sunday night, we got introduced to 26-year-old Raymond Matosa aka the Sniper who went on a date with three families that would introduce him to his potential date.

Amongst the many things that were said about Raymond, one common sentiment all three families had about this young man was that he looked like a player. Which is something he agreed he was in the past but has now officially upgraded to being a "coach." A coach? 

Even tweeps wanted him to explain his coach comment further.

Anyway, there were a lot of things Raymond mentioned about the type of girl he was looking for which included someone who is physically thick and somewhat yellow-boned.

For Raymond, unfortunately, the lady he chose wasn't the type of woman he was hoping for. Raymond chose Kagogelo, the exact girl who actually didn't want to go out on a date with him because of his player demeanor. 


But when he saw Thato, which is this lady.....


..this was his face of regret.

Raymond regret face

However, his date with Kagogelo seemed to have gone well as the two spoke of a second date.

But judging from Kagogelo's facial expression after taking a shot of Jager Meister as a toast to their date, we doubt that she'll be looking forward to a second date.

Date My Family

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