#DateMyFamily: When hair fails a man

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Drama

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Ok, we know hair is something temporary and can be changed at any minute, but we seriously don’t approve of Zama’s choice of hairstyle. There are certain things that should just be left for women.

As expected, Zama’s hair didn’t leave much of an impression with some of the ladies who were hoping to score a date with him.

Vanessa, who was one of the ladies who got turned off by Zama’s hair, surprised us all when she revealed her age. Why is a 19-year-old looking for love on national TV? Vanessa should put her energy into something worthwhile like watching the Disney channel during her spare time. We blame her parents that her priorities are wrong.

We also don’t understand why Dimakatso and her friends had negative things to say about Zama’s hair when their weaves looked like they survived hurricane Katrina. If anything, the friends should have asked Zama for tips on good hair. As for the friend doing the nae-nae over a bottle of wine, well, she made us realise that this group probably gets more excited over alcohol than getting proper weaves.

Sibusi’s reaction when she saw Zama walking in was like she had been given a one-day remedy for permanent weight loss. The girl was happy and didn’t even complain about his hair. Her aunt's excitement over Zama’s visit had her ululating and talking marriage and grandkids. We certainly loved her carefree attitude and energy. As much as she's a joy to be around, she's the type of person you wouldn't add on the list of guest speakers at an event.

At least Zama didn’t regret his decision over Sibusi. We think they looked good together, but we are not certain that there was enough of a connection to guarantee more dates.

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