#DateMyFamily: Kenny and his twanging ways

Date My Family introduces us to Kenny, a guy with very high standards and a disturbing twang.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

Did Date My family Mbali lie about her age?

It's the battle of the gays as Kenny gets introduced to three potential guys that he didn't seem to be keen on dating at all.

Date My Family has been on an absolute roll for the past three weeks. Although we do not agree with the match-ups, we can’t deny that the producers of the show know how to create entertaining episodes.

Just last week we were introduced to Seno and her prescription glasses, and this week yet another character walked into our lives.

Introducing Kenny aka Chris Brown (due to his light complexion and cuteness).

Kenny, who was in search of his ideal man, found himself amongst three families whom he wasn’t too impressed by.

William the aspiring media guy

William and his family were the first family Kenny was introduced to. Although William was absolutely impressed by Kenny’s cuteness, Kenny was unfortunately not sure about William’s future plans and career objectives.

William is currently a waiter and aspiring media personality who wants to reach Bonang Matheba’s level of success.

Something that settled very well with Queen B*, as she even tweeted about it.

However, Kenny didn't think William was ambitious enough and even criticised his family’s food.

If there’s one thing we can’t stand about Date My Family it is the criticism towards other families when it comes to the dinner they prepare.

You might not like the food, but have the decency to respect the effort they put into making it for you!

Thabo and his manly man standards

Then there was Thabo’s family. We must admit, Thabo was very entertaining but unfortunately, he and Kenny are one in the same thing and that just meant disaster!

Thabo was so clear on what type of man he was looking for and unfortunately Kenny wasn’t the type of man Thabo wanted.

We all have standards when it comes to relationships, but Thabo's ideal man definitely overwhelmed us.

The disaster that was Linda’s family

Although Linda was the calmest out of the trio, we were never ready for the hostile vibe that was experienced between Kenny and Linda’s friends.

The claws came out between Kenny and his hosts, to such an extent that we actually thought there was going to be a physical fight that was going to break out amongst the gentlemen.

Thank God for Kea, who tried her utmost to keep the calm between Kenny and the other two men.

Last but not least, who could forget Kenny's twanging ways? At one point we couldn't hear what Kenny was saying because of his ridiculous twanging.

The top and bottom fascination

It’s interesting how people are always fascinated about who’s top and who’s bottom when it comes to gay relationships.

Even at the dinner table it was the main topic of discussion. Seriously?


Eventually, Kenny did choose Linda and although Linda is calm and Kenny is a bit of a diva, we think it was the best combination.

If Kenny had chosen Thabo or William, we honestly think it was going to be a complete disaster.

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