#DateMyFamily: The most brutal Twitter reactions

This show is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

Date my family

If you're considering going to Date My Family, just make sure you're ready to experience a whole lot of backlash from the Black Twitter community as they show now mercy whatsoever.

Sunday night's episode of Date My Family might just be the worst episode we've seen thus far. There were just so many cringe-worthy moments that will forever stay memorable to many viewers.

And what's even worse is that these moments are not only recorded on television but on social media as well.

For those that didn't watch last night's episode of Date My Family here's a synopsis. 

Viewers were introduced to 27-year-old Calandray and artist originally from Polokwane. Yes, we know her name is errr...quite unique... even Twitter had to take a jab at the name even...

...so brutal.

Anyway, whilst on the show Calandray mentioned that although she's looking for someone to date, in her home province she's quite a hit and that men are constantly pursuing her. 

This did not think so.

It's a valid question though.


One thing we've come to learn about Date My Family is that you should've always make sure your wardrobe is up to scratch from top to bottom because Black Twitter will constantly remind you of that hideous shirt or those oversized heels you wore. 

Then there was Nathi, we immediately knew Twitter was going to have a field day with this guy the moment he opened up his mouth, especially when he said his nickname was Skinny Coco.

And the Twitter punches just came rolling onto the poor guy.

Even DJ Fresh had to join in.

See? That nickname was just not going to slide with the Black Twitter nation.

Meet Nathi.



But out of all the brutal tweets, one tweet we were most happy to see was this tweet of Driver Bae. Black Twitter CSI found driver bae and let's just say the ladies were more than elated at the discovery.

Anyone planning on being friends with Driver bae?

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