#DateMyFamily: Tiffany the beauty

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

On Sunday night’s episode of Date My Family, we were introduced to the single lady that is Tiffany.

Before the show could commence, people marvelled at Tiffany’s beauty and how the three families she was going to have dinner with were going to have a great time entertaining and convincing her to date one of their own.

However, the praise towards Tiffany was short-lived, especially when we found out that she’d only been single for a month.

Who becomes single for a month and then goes straight to Date My Family…? Tiffany.

But then again, this is Date My Family, so we won’t judge, after all we’re all in search of love.

Dreams of being a housewife

Although only 23, Tiffany has already set her eyes on being the perfect housewife with two children.

Her ambitions of being a good wife and a stay-at-home mom didn’t settle well with some viewers who felt that Tiffany could direct her ambitions elsewhere, like to her education.

But guys, if the girl wants to be a housewife, let her be.

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Sizwe, the worst wingman ever

We were never ready for Sizwe’s worst behaviour, the guy who was supposed to be his best friend’s wingman became instantly whipped after he laid his eyes on Tiffany.

The man was so whipped he even came up with a song for Tiffany. Like, who does that?

Sizwe had annoyed many with his stunts. We get that Tiffany is a beauty, but seriously he could’ve controlled his urges for the sake of his friend.

Tiffany + Lunga = Perfect Match

So besides the fact that Lunga’s family is wealthy, we actually think that he and Tiffany would make a cute couple regardless of what social media thought of Tiffany’s decision to choose Lunga.

To some, it may seem as though she's just in it for the money, but for us it really seemed genuine. Plus, if things work out between the two of them, they would really make beautiful babies!

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