#DateMyFamily: Viewers can't stand Queen

Mzansi roasted her into smithereens.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

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Another episode of Date My Family has struck again and this time, the topic of discussion was not the bachelorette and her potential date, but a family member who goes by the name of Queen.

Queen, who is the sister of one of the bachelors, Nicholas, found herself being the centre of attention after her hostile attitude towards Rea. Seriously, Queen was all kinds of nasty for no reason at all.

The vile sister was labelled as a bully and evil. The backlash towards her was so hectic that even her hairstyle was dragged all over the Twitter timeline. It got ugly, but it was all her doing.


Viewers really went in on her and showed no mercy whatsoever.


Even Bonang was annoyed by Queen's behaviour... 


Queen actually reminds us of a Date My Family episode from two years ago.

The bachelorette from that episode was the beautiful, Mimi Khomo. Remember her?
Although Mimi enjoyed the company of all three families, there was just one lady who made her experience a bit difficult.

Remember Bokang's friend, who was officially given the nickname "Miss Nedbank", because of her green outfit?
The date between Mimi and Bokang's friend escalated real quick after both ladies had a rather hectic exchange of words when they both ridiculed each other's hairstyles.

So, Queen's behaviour towards Rea was shocking, but it's not anything new as we've seen this before with the likes of Miss Nedbank and many other unpleasant friends and family members.

Some viewers were even of the opinion that Nicholas is single because of his sister, and this could possibly be true.

We hope this episode is not a true reflection of who Queen is, and that she actually is a pleasant sister who wants to see her brother happy.

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