#DateMyFamily: What was up with Luhle's rudeness?

This guy was such a chancer.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama


The Date My Family crew, went all the way to KZN to meet its latest bachelor - Luhle, a student in search of love after being single for five months.

While Luhle was introduced to the first family, you'd think he would've been respectful to his hosts considering that they not only cooked for him but treated him well. Ntokozo's family, were so shocked at how dismissive the young man was, especially after he bashed Ntokozo's cooking.

But thank goodness for Twitter he got handled.

Viewers were especially annoyed at his reaction after finding out that Ntokozo is a virgin, a church-goer and hasn't really been in the dating scene.

Just when we thought Luhle couldn't be any more disrespectful, he then had the audacity to talk about polygamy and sex in the presence of one of the lady's aunt.

The lady of the third family was clearly not impressed by Luhle's rudeness and couldn't hide their disapproval of him. 

By this time social media was already over Luhle and his misogynistic comments and views.

And because of his rather questionable behaviour, we even lost count of the many times he was reffered to as trash.

Oh, and it's clear that this was not Luhle's first time on TV.

Which got us wondering if Luhle went on Date My Family because he really is in search of a girlfriend or he's just another fame-hungry young man looking to get his name in the lime light.


Luhle's behavior was so off-putting that all his potential dates were hoping he would not choose them by the end of the episode. Unfortunately, he had to choose someone and let's just say the girl was not impressed with him nor their dinner-date.

What were your thoughts on Sunday night's episode?

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic