Tlale: I'm sorry, Criselda

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | David Tlale  | Drama

The duo have not been on speaking terms since sources reportedly told Daily Sun that Tlale had described Dudumashe's wedding dress as "ugly". Tlale also admitted that he would have done a far better job dressing the radio personality.

"David expressed his feelings. He didn’t like the dress and said it was ugly. He was asking why would the talk show host and businessman choose Eboka (the designer) out of all the designers in South Africa," the source told the publication.

However, according to a Daily Sun report over the weekend, Tlale has since apologised and even offered to make Dudumashe a dress - for free.

Dudumashe will reportedly wear the dress to the Durban July this coming weekend.

She told the publication that she appreciates Tlale's apology.

"I’m not a bitter person. The fact that he reached out to me and called to explain, I really appreciate," she said. "I went for measurements and I love my dress. David has outdone himself."

Tlale's manager, Vista Kalipa, also confirmed that a dress is being made for Criselda.

"Yes, the two have spoken and agreed to move on. The matter is now water under the bridge," Kalipa said.

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