US Singer Deborah Cox Slams SAA After Bad Flight

“Concern for our safey? None,” says Deborah.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Deborah Cox  | Drama

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Deborah Cox is fuming after her South African Airways flight experienced more than a few issues this week. 

The We Can’t Be Friends hitmaker boarded the flight in Accra, Ghana

The SAA plane, which departed from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, was heading to Washington DC, America.

A catering truck reportedly hit the aircraft's door during its Accra pitstop, leading to major delays. 

Deborah took to Twitter to share her experience. 

“So disappointed in South African Airways. After 3 hours delay on the plane to take care of a damaged door, they still insisted on flying the damaged plane which later had to turn back around to Accra,” she tweeted.

The 45-year-old added that SAA left passengers in the dark about the situation.

“ answers as to when another plane will be coming in, or whether or not it will be a new plane. Passengers disgruntled. Kids vomiting. Scared. Shook. Terrible way they handled the situation. @flysaa.”

The musician also shared a scary video of her flight trying to land on her Instagram Story.

Deborah and the rest of the passengers on the disaster flight eventually made it to their destination in one piece.

“Landed in Washington safely. Happy I’ll be able to fulfil my contractual commitments & get back to work. In spite of the incident had a beautiful time in Accra for the Year of the Return initiative, performing at the Ghana World Music Festival....” she tweeted.

While Deborah will likely never fly on another SAA plane again, South Africans saw the lighter side of her ordeal.

One Twitter user told the star that people in Mzansi have become accustomed to broken vehicle doors in the public transport system. 

“Ai Debra, we are used to taxis with no doors at all here in SA. An aircraft with malfunctioning door is not an issue, we will be very much excited to experience that. We won't vomit but we will simply hang on the door with 1 feet in and 1 out, check out our Metrorail, we hang out,” the tweep joked.

One Twitter user had an interesting suggestion on how the singer could have handled the situation.

“They'll fix the door after the next bailout... Until then.... Open it like you are closing it" ...”

Some tweeps were ashamed that SAA was embarrassing the country globally.

“@flysaa Please get your house in order and stop embarrassing us in front of the world… Fix your mess,” one commented.

Another tweep told Deborah she made a rookie mistake by booking SAA for an international flight. 

“Never ever fly SAA. Most of us don't even use it when flying overseas.  It's a mess. I don't even want to get started on their stupid "business class",” the woman replied.

Meanwhile, SAA responded to Deborah's tweets. The airline apologised for the "inconvenience caused".

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